What people are saying ...

Albert & Wendi have wonderful chemistry & are so fun to be around. They came to my house to shoot my family and the results are incredible! They are talented photographers who have a great eye. I've only had my book for 2 days but have been telling ALL my friends to book their appointments....this is such a unique way to capture memories... I've never seen anything like it! Thank you! Thank you!

~Haley Welsome,

Owner­Blush Boutique

Thank you so much for a wonderful photo shoot. From start to finish we felt like we were in great hands. Taking the family to a photo shoot can be nerve racking, but you really helped to set a calm, relaxing and fun mood for us all. And the quality of shots you got were awesome. I especially love some of the non-posed pictures you took of the girls. Truth be known, they are my favorite. Thanks again for a lovely afternoon. I look forward to working with you again and again, as my girls grow up.


Kirsten Davis

Wendi has been photographing our family for the last 6 years. She is such a wonderful photographer and such a pleasure to work with. She works quickly and masterfully capturing the best possible expressions and personalities of our children. These photos are priceless and we cherish each and every one. They capture a point in time that goes away so quickly. The photos bring us such joy and we appreciate having someone so talented to help tell our families story.

~Betty Smith

Albert spent the better part of a day casually capturing our beloved Golden Retrievers and all the wonderfully goofy things they do. Albert focused his lens on many happy moments as "the boys" walked along

neighborhood paths and relaxed on the sofa. He also caught embarrasing times (for mom and dad :)) as they waited patiently for treats at the table. Who would have thought the defeated look Luc has on his face while in the shower would have brought us so much joy? We laughed and teared up as we turned page after page of these precious memories, that now hold a special place of honor on the coffee table. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

~Annie Herlik

One of the best presents my husband and I ever gave our family was the gift of Wendi Bates’ photography! Wendi is an artist whose work portrays the individuality of my children in a totally appealing way that answers every wish I ever had for beautiful, personalized family portraiture. One of the most wonderful qualities about Wendi’s photographs is they sparkle with life and the personalities of the children she is photographing. I have two boys who are anything BUT cooperative. As a mother I know they love each other and enjoy each other’s company; yet, I’d be hard pressed to prove it to anyone outside our immediate family. Each year, Wendi captures those fleeting glimpses—seemingly out of thin air—of the fun they share, documenting them forever on film. I am so very grateful, Wendi. Thank you!

~ Stephane Aarseth

We have had the great good fortune to have experienced the TLC and artistry of Wendi Bates since our son, Kristian, was a newborn. Our photos are truly a treasure and are displayed as art in our home. Every time some one new sees the photos in our home there are always a flurry of oohs and ahhs over Wendi's work — and the request for a referral! Definitely Anchorage's best family photographer.

Wendi has a way of capturing the spirit of our family and our son on film. You can literally see personality jumping out in each picture. We cherish these pictures as the family treasures they are and the truly great part for us —our son loves to see her and have his picture taken! You can't ask for more than that.

~Lynne Freeman

Wendi Bates has taken wonderful, spontaneous photographs of my children and family over the years.

Her photographs have captured not only the images but the spirits and personalities of our children thereby preserving precious family memories forever.

~Michelle Bittner

“I've lived in Anchorage since 1969 and have gone to my share of local photographers over the years. Since discovering Wendi in 2004, we have used no one else. Wendi Bates' personality is phenomenal for this business, she's welcoming, patient and has an innate ability to capture images that reflect the true nature of the child she is working with. Her family photos are awesome, but her work with babies and children are my favorite.

I can't tell you how many people I've recommended to

her over the years!”

~Joy Berger (mother and grandmother)